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Local computer support in the Peterborough area for home or business.

Services provided.


Getting a new computer or looking to upgrade your existing computer and need some advice, why not give us a call maybe we can help.

Virus removal.

Has your machine been infected with a virus or malware? If it has then we may be able to remove the infection without affecting the rest of your software or data.

Problems that drive you crazy.

If you have been having a problem with your computer and it's driving you nuts then get us in to sort it out for you.

Data, Pictures, Documents all lost.

  • Lost your family photos.
  • All of your music files disappeared.
  • Not able to find some or all of your documents.
  • Video collection gone.

We will get them back for you if it's possible.


We can make sure that you are protected from the latest threats and that your computer is as secure as it can be.


Having more than one computer can provide new opportunities in how they are used. For business it is essential that you have a fully functioning network. Get the best out of the equipment that you have and ensure future expansion hasn't been overlooked.


Get yourself connected to the world wide web. Connected at work but not at home, need to use the library or an internet cafe to get online well it's about time you got your own internet access. Fast trouble free setup to give you instant access to a whole new world of information and entertainment.


Need a website but don't have the time to do it yourself. You wanted to get one done but it's too expensive. Give us a call for a quote or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, you'll be surprised at our low costs.


Training in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you, want to be able to use the computer for yourself and not rely on the help of others. Ever wondered if there was more you could use your computer for then a few hours tuition could be just what you need.


Want someone to install and set up your computer. New printer but do not know how to set it up. New webcam for internet chat but it just isn't working. Get the job done right first time with peace of mind that it's all done correctly.

Child safety.

Worried about leaving the kids on the computer with internet access, then call us in to set up protection and monitoring to give you peace of mind.

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