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Local computer support in the Peterborough area for home or business.


60 Day warranty on physical repairs and part replacement.

Orton Computer Services offers a 60 day limited warranty on computer repairs and upgrades. At Orton Computer Services discretion, if the issue from the original hardware fix reoccurs within 60 days we will perform the service again at no charge.

This warranty does not include any software issues created and/or caused by the customer or anyone else using the device such as infection (viruses, malware, spyware), changing settings or other non-related hardware or software failures.

The warranty does not included any additional software, hardware, parts, system upgrades, or additional components needed, added or installed to the system by the user or others.

Not Covered Under Warranty.

There are no warranties for computer repair that involve personal software issues for example virus, spyware and malware problems.

There are no warranties for computer repair that involve operating system re-install or repair.

We provide what we believe is the best protection against viruses and spyware at the time of service. However there is no 100% protection due to the nature of computer viruses, spyware, malware etc, and how they change over time. There are no antivirus programs that can offer 100% protection for your computer, and as such after successful removal we cannot warranty your computer against subsequent infections.

This warranty does not cover any loss of business, profits, or other consequential damage, real or perceived, that may have resulted from any malfunction of the computer system nor does it cover any hardware or software installed by the user.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from failure to back up your data or other files. Orton Computer Services cannot be held responsible for any loss of your data or other files and recommends that the customer maintains a back-up system at all times from which the files, data or programs can be restored.

Where Orton Computer Services installed free applications or utility software onto a machine we make no guarantee of continued free access or dependability of that software and it should be understood that you use it at your own risk.

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